Thursday, 17 March 2011

Breakfast and Horses

Just had breakfast with Ed Morton after a morning photographing horses.  Charlotte Siffre is life and business coach and one of sessions she runs is with horses.  Whilst posing i had a chance to experience this and it was amazing how much you learn about yourself with the horses and their reactions to you.  With no verbal communication from the horse the feedback is 'brutally honest.'
After this Ed and I had a chance to photograph the horses enjoying themselves running around the field like kids being let out at play time.  With bucking kicks, neighs and plenty of charging we created some great images!


  1. Sounds like quite an experience. Nice action shots of the horses. And as always, a picture of a ry up!

  2. By which I mean fry up of course. Pesky keyboard.

  3. Oh yes anything that involves outdoors work or town visiting has to have a fry up. This was in Poppins!!!!