Monday, 30 May 2011

Cult Of Yellow

Hitech ND Graduated Filters

HT85 ND Grad Filters

Hitech 85

The Hitech filter system is manufactured by Formatt Filters to offer versatility and creative capabilities to stills photographers. Hitech filters are manufactured using the Queens Award winning CR39 dyed substrate. Formatt developed a method of colouring CR39 in its liquid state, thereby ensuring consistency and accuracy of colour.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Alternative Flash Guns

As you may know speedlites or speedlights are expensive and they seem to be about 20% more so than last year.  Check out the price rises on Camera Price Buster

You may have tried some on eBay but found them to be lacking.  There some entry level alternatives from reputable companies that may be worth a look at these for Canons but there are Nikon, Olympus and Panasonic too.

Metz 24 AF-1 Digital Canon Fit Flashgun

Metz 36 C-2 Flashgun

Metz 36 AF-5 Flashgun - Canon Fit

As i haven't seen them i can't guarantee how they work but they are entry level and it would be worth investigating.  Although I would still recommend saving up and buying a Canon 580exii or 430exii, or a Nikon SB900 or SB700 but these are £340 and £200!

Also talk to real people at SRS in Watford.

Monday, 23 May 2011

London Photography Day Out 24th May 2011

It was busy day out photographing with a few interesting characters in London.  I love the image of the two men taking a rest from a hard days work before we descended on them.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Cheapest UK Photography Equipment

On my links page there are various links to useful companies - not all photographic.  One of those links is to cheap UK photographic equipment.

Camera Price Buster collates all the information from UK companies about lenses, cameras, cards and camera accessories and tells you which is the cheapest.

The other cool piece of information it provides are price increases and decreases.

For example my camera the Panasonic GF1 + 20mm pancake lens you can see from the graph that the price really dropped last year, but recently has increase.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Modern Art

Some people think that modern art isn't worth a look, that somehow it is beneath us, shallow or lacking creativity.  Art is much more than just a culmination of the artists creative skills, their ability to form a direct representation to the scene, to produce something that seems real but it is subjected to your interpretation of what you regard as reality..........

Sunday, 1 May 2011

London Day Out 24th May

London Photography Day Out
24th May 1000-1700 2011

Our fourth day out this year, proving to be quite successful and fun.  For the London Day Out we will meet at Euston station at 1000 am (or a suitable location) The day will have a theme and visit three specific locations.  If you feel like being creative, want to learn some new skills and talk photography sign up on the Day Out Widget. A prize for the best picture from the day out.

Further reading and pictures

If you are coming along you need to join the blog (follow instructions) once you have signed up and clicked on the MelenCourses Photo Day Out widget on the right hand side and select 'i'm coming' to say you are.  So far we have seven people confirmed with others interested so if you are coming make sure you sign up.