Sunday, 17 July 2011

Matthieu Espley

Monsieur Espley

I'm studying at a lycée in Cahors, France for a " Baccalaureat Professionelle Photographie", for which I had to do a 6 weeks work experience. I'm bi-lingual so I chose to do it in England, and Phil at YellowMelen kindly accepted to take me on. I had a wonderful experience with really intresting outings and I helped on his photography courses of all levels.

I've learn't so much about camera techniques, soft ware, and also administration. YellowMelen have a great English sense of humour and there's a fantastic working atmosphere. Iv'e come out my work's experience with so much more knowledge of photography as well as managment and how to run a business.

Great experience,

Can't wait to go back there,

Thank You So Much!

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