Sunday, 5 February 2012

New Canon G1 X and Fujifim X-Pro 1

Canon PowerShot G1 X
Very exciting photographic movements have been occurring lately.  The major camera manufacturers have been sparring off each other trying to capture the market with new small bodied cameras offering DSLR like quality photographs.

Nikon recently produced the V1 and J1 and now Canon users appear to have a camera that can be used with their current DSLRs as a viable back up camera.  The G series produced some fantastic cameras with lots of functionality, ergonomic design and button placement.  The G series was only really let down by the sensor size, producing below quality images for the quality of camera build and very poor noise from high ISOs.

This new little G1 X has a solid build, which will integrate with with canon flashes, your pocket wizards and a decent small quality back up camera if your main camera ever decides to die on you.  This camera saves carrying an extra kilo of spare body in your bag, although your lenses are obviously not transferrable.  A viewfinder, movable screen and the 15mm-60mm focal length range is about 28mm to 112mm on a full frame, so more than ample as street photography camera or even scouting, events and holidays.   The maximum aperture is okay for the wide lens end at ƒ2.8 but a bit small for the 112mm end at ƒ5.6 but then this has a non interchangeable lens so will fit in to a belt pouch or your pocket easily.  The 112mm is plenty of zoom and you can always just walk closer and just engage your subjects - better pictures that skulking away in the background looking like the local street monster!

The slow lens and with Canon choosing not to go down the interchangeable lens route of my beloved Panasonic GF1 could put people off.  One of the advantages of the Panny is the that you can put a quality fixed focal length very fast lens on when ever you want.  The lens is fast and sharp, and you can photograph in most locations with few limitations.  Zooms are by their nature slower, unless you pay £1000s for them, but they have the flexibility of being able to zooming in quickly if you can't change lens quickly or even move closer.

Canon Website with video

Costings and more pictures on Jessops - £700

Digital Camera Sensor Size Comparison Chart
The ISO range, 100 to 128000, has been increased and this will help with low light situations and noise combined with the much larger sensor, 18.7mm x 14mm, that had been previously used on the G series cameras. You can see the size comparison on the Digital Camera Sensor Size Comparison Chart to the left.  It has the body, design and possible image quality to be useful.  I had always like the G cameras from Canon but had held off buying one due to the sensors, now i am seriously tempted with this particular model.

DPReview with photo comparisons

At Focus on Imaging i will be looking closely at both the Canon GX 1 and the FUJIFILM X-Pro1 and will have to hide the credit card.

This FUJIFILM X-Pro1 looks fantastic, a more than viable option to Leica M series camera at a fifth the cost.  The body is only £1400 and the lenses about £600+ and the quality of the build is superb.  The really does look like an affordable digital rangefinder camera, excellent sensor, quality lenses, beautiful design, well built and even has a viewfinder.

Fuji Website

WEX Warehouse Express

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