Friday, 17 August 2012

Photography competitions - Professional Photographers

There are several photography competitions to enter and plenty of useful photographic prizes to win.

1. Movie Short – sponsored by: Lexar
We would like a movie shot on a DSLR that has a narrative and tells us a story. It can be no more than 90 seconds long and can be as creative as you like; whether it’s a short story, a stills video or an abstract art film or homage, we’ll look forward to your creativity shining through.

2. Black and White - sponsored by:  Hahnemühle
HahnemühleWe want to see deep, dark blacks, bright whites and every shade of grey in between. But it’s not just the tones that we are interested in; it’s the suitability of the subject for the image, not just a colour image converted. Does the black and white enhance and compliment it? Then we’d like to see it.

3. In the Studio - sponsored by: Profoto
ProfotoWorking in a studio means understanding artificial light and knowing how to shape it to your will to suit the subject you are capturing. From the subtlety of reflected light to more dramatic high-key effects, we want to see the photographer’s skill in a studio.

4. Medium Format - sponsored by: Hasselblad
Medium format is about optimum quality, so to enter this category, your image must have been shot on a medium format camera, and it doesn’t matter if it’s film and scanned or a digital capture. The subject is up to you!

5. Student of the Year
Whether you are studying how to shoot wildlife at university, going through your indentures for a newspaper on an NCTJ course or enjoying training for a second (or third!) career, we want to see your passion and skill with a camera and lens.

Folio Albums6. Weddings - sponsored by: Folio Albums
Gone are the days of the grip and grin, Aunt Maude adjusting her hair piece or slightly out of focus twee images on soft focus filters. The modern wedding photographer is as much of a creative artist, whether candid or posed, as any other kind of professional photographer. Show us your talent.

7. 50mm
This is the lens that is often left in the kit bag on shoots but, in our opinion, it should be a lens that gets as much use as your 24-70mm or 70-200mm. Yes, you have to move your feet, but look at all that bokeh! Go on, have some fun with your 50!

Morgan Richardson8. Street photography - sponsored by: Morgan Richardson
You may interpret this brief, in terms of subject matter, as widely as you like, and you can shoot the images on anything from a CSC to a DSLR, or even a top end compact. So from grannies sticking their tongues out on buses, hard news or just for fun, tell us a story of the street.

Fixation9. News - sponsored by: Fixation
From the war-torn streets of Syria to a home-grown story on the Royals for a local newspaper, we want to see how you react and interpret a news story as it unfolds in front of you. But you only can only sum up the event with one single image.

Broncolor10. Location Flash - sponsored by: Broncolor
From a brace of new wireless Speedlights to a full blown Profoto BatPac power pack and four 500W D1 monolights, your submitted image should show your skill at lighting a subject, from an outdoor fashion shoot or environmental portrait to a car or architectural shoot.

11. Travel
Capturing the ambience and character of a destination is what travel photography is all about. The judges want to get to know a location through your stunning image, whether you use a landmark, a location’s people or even its wildlife to inform the viewer.

Sigma12. Fashion & Beauty – sponsored by: Sigma
From a tight headshot for a commercial client to a wide – or even panoramic – shot encompassing the surroundings that add to the look and feel of the shot, your submitted image needs to say fashion, style and glamour in big, shouty words.

Chau Digital13. Portfolio of Three - sponsored by: Chau Digital
This is the ONLY category in which you are able to submit more than one image, in this case a total of three. Treat this as a triptych; a story made up of three connected elements from a single shoot.

Overall Winner - The Photographer of the Year Award 2012

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