Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Mirrorless Camera Party

This is superb a little animation using mirrorless cameras, and fits the personality of the cameras perfectly from The Camera Store

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Top 11 Things Photographers Wish They Learned in Photo School

This blog post is worth read

"4) How to market myself, and my work.
Marketing is a mystery to most photographers. Contrary to popular belief, your images aren’t going to market themselves for you. You may be an amazing photographer, but if you don’t market yourself – nobody will ever know. Even an average photographer, with the right marketing efforts, can look better than they actually are — and end up with a successful career.
Photographers need to learn that marketing themselves is just as important as shooting the picture."

Dan Heller's Photography Business Blog

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Fees Guides for Photographers and Videographers

NUJ Freelance Fee Guide

If you are a little unsure as to what you charge for your photography or film making, these links below are a useful guide to use.  Being professional means you charge for your time and services, it does not mean you do a poor job for low wages, or even worse excellent work for low wages.

There are a lot of costs, and they not hidden, in running a photography business.  In fact this applies to any business.  Equipment and rent are not free, also you are in business to make a profit.  All a profit means is that you want to earn a wage, just the people paying you.  Would they work for free?  How would they like it if their boss told them on a daily basis that they would have lower there wages because they thought they were paid too much or "in this current economic climate" they couldn't afford it?  They wouldn't like it, or even stand for it.  Also companies sell there goods to make a profit, so why can't you.  The better or more importantly the more in demand you are the more you can charge.

Too many new photographers are under charging through naivety, inexperience or fear of not being commissioned again.

A paragraph from the text on fees.
"Static day rates now leave many photographers working below the level at which it possible to earn a professional income. The only long-term solution is to establish a higher day rate which over a period of time would provide a living. In the short term many photographers accept lower rates in the hope of surviving through subsequent reproduction fee sales. No photographer should work for less than £250 per day."

Freelance Fees Guide: Photography

Fees and Base Rates

Digital Pricing



Guidelines for editors

Do look at these and other links as they help answer some questions you may have about earning enough to live.  There are many people who will try to force you to charge lower rates, even quoting other photographers that do.  You can be compared as someone else may have different outgoings to you, or their ability may differ to yours.  You can only charge based on your needs.   Most of those people who under charge will go out of business.

There is a downloadable spread sheet to help you work out your rate.  You have to factor in more than just how much cash is in your hand and think about how much you camera, computer, software, travel, rent, electricity, accessories, insurance, your time and even your copyright usage fees.