Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Are Websites Still Important For Businesses?

Yes, websites are still important for businesses.  They are only part of your marketing plan and will provide you with part of your trade.  You still need to tell people about your business and point them in the direction of your website as they will not always find it directly.

Building relationships is as important to the success of a business as they previously were, but how we network and make connections has changed a little in the preceding decade.  With 'social media' become ever more popular we are becoming a little more indolent in regard to building connections in tangible world. 

Most businesses grow because other people talk to other people about them.  It is not because artisan's or small businesses are good at what they do, although that does help and can give you the edge over competition, it is due to them liking you.  They like you because you spend time with them and make them feel valuable. Think about the words used when someone recommends a business to you.  Sometimes they say it is because they are cheap, other times because they flexible or even they available. But when they say "they are brilliant, really nice people and really care about what they do....." you are impressed and trust the endorsement.  

When a small business is sold based on the personality of the person and the good points are about them the new customer wants to buy in to this.  It is taken as a given that the business can actually perform the task well.  Contrast this to being sold on  the basis of just your work, or even worse your low cost the reaction is often different.  

Your website is important and should reflect you, your personality, your culture and finally your products.  Learn to sell you, make yourself of value to your clients and they will then recommend to you to new clients.

What's the aim of your website?
Websites give customers information.
Customers can clearly see what you are about.
Current and future clients can view your work.
It is an effective and efficient marketing tool.
Cheaper than flyers, adverts and have more coverage.
Gives customers confidence, and you some credibility.
The images you choose help sell you and your approach.
The information is available to customers all day everyday.
Add videos to your blog posts to show customers how you work.
You can update your images more regularly and be more seasonal.
A site will allow them to form an opinion of you and your style.

Useful Links for Small Businesses - setting up and operating. 
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