Tuesday, 21 May 2013

When Wedding Photography Goes Wrong the Groom Gets Violent

Help? I shot my first wedding and I'm being threatened?

David Ross , Jun 13, 2012; 01:56 a.m.
Hello everyone. I need your advice and help. I shot my very first wedding and I made a ton of mistakes. I had "friends" who wanted to use me and I said I had never shot a wedding before. What I guaranteed were 10 fully edited (LR, Photoshop) photos an hour. I would not give them poor quality photos and they agreed to my conditions. I charged them $1200 total. Being that I did not have a DSLR, I spent the money renting a Nikon D800, SB900, and lenses. I wanted to create a contract but they did not want a contract. They would only pay cash. This should have been a red flag for me and I should've backed out. I did receive all of my money but here is what happened. Instead of 10 fully edited photos per hour, I was surprised that I was able to get 20 fully edited photos per hour. Other than this there are a lot of junk photos. Just 6 weeks after the wedding, the groom tonight threatened me. He is demanding every single shot that I took. I do not want to give him the poor quality photos. What should I do. Yes, I know I blew it on many levels but what do I do now. What do the pros agree to when shooting weddings? Do you provide the bride and groom with every single photograph that you shot. I was told not to do this as these photos could come back to haunt me.


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Denis Germain , Jun 13, 2012; 02:08 a.m.
because people own a DSLR...they claim to be Pros.
even worst... you rented one! and charged more money that the "mom with a DSLR wedding"....
Good Luck !
David Ross , Jun 13, 2012; 02:10 a.m.
I never claimed to be a pro. They knew very well my position. I was up front with everything.
Zane Johnson , Jun 13, 2012; 02:19 a.m.
He's threatening you in what way, exactly?
Michael Chang , Jun 13, 2012; 02:35 a.m.
David, you weren't clear about whether you've delivered the photos yet.
I think you have fulfilled your contractual obligations if you have delivered the 10 (or more) fully edited photos per hour. I don't think the groom is entitled to alter the terms of your agreement after the fact.

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