Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Formatt-Hitech Filters

Here are some useful videos displaying the excellent Formatt-Hitech Filters.  I absolutely love using these filters made by the Welsh company Formatt from Aberdare, Mid Glamorgan.  The ND is neutral, skies just look darker and not porphyrous.

The price is spot on and they are outstanding of quality.  About 4 years ago the filters came to my attention via a forum; someone was enlightening the photography world about the merits of these filters.  They felt they were better than Cokin and nearly as good as Lee, with less pounds departing your wallet.

As Cokin were hard to come by I decided to purchase some; lots of very cheap quality purple filters pertaining to be ND filters were flooding the market via eBay and still are.  You get what you pay for, sometimes less to buy wisely and correctly.   Products, food and even photographers are cheap for reason so don't expect them to offer you the quality as those of the typical market value.

Ordering directly from them at the time was a little confusing, so look online at a camera shop to see if anyone sold them.  To my amazement no one did.  At the time I was ordering something from Bristol Cameras and I mentioned the filters to them; especially as it was only over the border and since then you can buy these in most camera shops.

If you need some filters, support this British (Cymreig)company and get some.


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

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