Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Photography Insurance

It is horrible when your equipment breaks or worse is stolen and then you find out you didn't have any insurance, that is depressing.  Fortunately, i have had always had some and occasionally needed to use it for my business.

If you are looking to insure your photography equipment and business the company that I highly recommend, having used them for years is Aaduki.

Based in Okehampton, on the edge of Dartmoor in the middle of Devon, on the way to Cornwall. They are brilliant, very helpful, friendly and they worked really hard and even managed to get me some money back from a eBay theft. eBay are totally useless when it comes to theft.

As a guide to cost for insuring your equipment I asked them for an estimate and for about £5000 worth some of which you may take off site £115 for a year, which is brilliant.  More importantly they want to help and excellent value.

A few years ago they used to have semi naked men selling insurance at the photography fairs and shows, which attracted a lot of women to see what was on offer, despite the complaints; who was complaining?  There were semi naked women at these shows for years, were there as many complaints, I doubt it.  I didn't.

Give them a call
01837 658 880

Okehampton is great and has a castle, plus you have either Exmoor or Dartmoor to explore and photograph.

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