Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Friday, 22 November 2013

Panasonic GX1: Using the flash and bounced flash

GX1 with flash in the bounce position
One of the great advantages of using mirrorless cameras is their compact size.  You can take them virtually anywhere, holiday, weddings and of course street photography; people take little notice of them compared to a large DSLR.  Adding a large external flash would contradict their main function and using the built in the flash is not always flattering.  In fact I hardly use the flash at all, never on its predecessor the GF1.

Panasonic have developed a unique flash configuration on the GX1.  After pressing the release button  on the back of the camera releasing the flash via its double hinged bracket, 20mm away from the body which helps with red eye but this is not the clever part of the construction.  Panasonic have made the flash tilt upwards and also slightly backwards, so that it can be fired up to a ceiling or on the cameras side into a wall.  The flash power will still need controlling via the flash adjust setting usually from + ⅔ to +1 stops for white surfaces.

Now, i love bouncing the flash, working out the angles and finding suitable areas to reflect the light from to light my subject.  This little flash is perfect and allows me to do this fairly easily with the need to bring extra equipment.  By bouncing the flash on to a wall or ceiling you are able to light your subject with softer light and prevent shadows appearing on the wall behind them.

Back from previous adventures my old 'Lindt Chocolate Santa' demonstrating the effect of ambient light, direct flash, ceiling bounced flash, side wall bounced flash.

GX1 Santa No Flash Ambient Light
GX1: No Flash Ambient Light
GX1 Santa Flash Direct Light
GX1: Direct Flash Light
GX1 Santa Flash Side Bounced Light
GX1: Side Flash Left Bounced
GX1 Santa Flash Bounced Ceiling Light
GX1: Ceiling Flash Bounced

The wider photos show reflective and matt surface react to ambient light, ambient and direct flash, direct flash, ceiling bounced flash, side wall bounced flash left 2m and side wall bounced flash right 1m.  The preference is yours, but by bouncing flash and using some of the ambient you will achieve a warmer more natural looking image.  If you like direct flash, go for it, the best style of light is subjective so chose what you like.

GX1: No Flash Ambient Light
GX1: Ceiling Flash Bounced
GX1: Direct Flash Light
GX1: Direct Flash Ambient Light

GX1: Side Flash Left Bounced

GX1: Side Flash Right Bounced

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Where is MelenCourses?

If you were wondering how to find MelenCourses, we are in Gaddesden Row near Hemel Hempstead.  A characterful 300 year old timber framed barn. A ideal location for photography training.

MelenStudios, Great Barn, Whitehouse Farm, Gaddesden Row, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP2 6HG

Monday, 4 November 2013

Photography Studio, Hertfordshire: MelenStudios

MelenStudios, Phil Richardson
MelenStudios, Phil Richardson
Amazing large studio, MelenStudios for photographers, art classes,  performance, business and photography training. Located just off the M1, Hertfordshire in a 300 year old barn. A large studio space, with a smaller room, 3x4m with backdrop and product studio area.

Small orchard and garden area, creative natural backgrounds, farm buildings and easy access countryside fields, paths and woodland.