Friday, 6 December 2013

Defiance: Gravity, Belief and Reality

Defiance - Phil Richardson, Little Gaddesden
Phil Richardson
A composite image from May 2005 at St Peter & St Paul Church, Little Gaddesden.  The subject (me) photographed in a studio (Little Gaddesden village hall) using one softbox on white roll paper (Black would have been easier if i had a roll) and the background in low evening light at the church.

A green paper roll could be used as it is easy to chroma-key against, add black card for shadowing. In Photoshop afterwards apply dodging and burning, using levels to add colour and flatten for outside light.  Personally i prefer to use a desaturated layer to remove some colour.  

The figure has a slightly yellowish tinge and the background more green.  The background has had some selective dodging and flattening applied but little else.  You will need to need to trim the figure and darken the edges, to enhance the shadows further. 

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