Saturday, 22 August 2015

Beginners Photography Course: Ashridge National Trust

A beginners photography course taking you off 'Auto' helping you to use your camera properly. 

With clear simple exercises de-mystify your camera, improve your photography and use be more creative.  Learn a few simple 'tips and tricks' to help take great images on holiday, of family, a day out, at events or at night.  

Learn how to produce interesting, sharp images, understand how ISO can help with indoor and night time photography and 'WB' white balance gives you better sunsets.  Why not experiment and produce stylish Black and White photographs?

With our experience acquire the knowledge to take better portraits of your friends or family, be more creative and impressing people with your new photographic skills.

A relaxed and fun environment improve your photography and use your camera creatively.  Please bring your own lunch or you  can visit Brownlow Cafe

Beginners Photography Course: Ashridge National Trust 17th October 2015

Monday, 3 August 2015

iPhone Photography Course

Take better pictures with the camera you always have in your pocket. The cameras built into your phones take stunning pictures, and you can easily learn to use it creatively.  Impress friends and family with your new photography skills.

Use the built in photo effects and those on Facebook or Twitter to make your images look amazing.