Phil Richardson

Phil Richardson
Photographer and Cinematographer, MelenStudios, Hertfordshire.

Creating pictures using both photography and films. My experience is mainly corporate having been fortunate to work all over Britain at amazing and beautiful locations such as HRP - Hampton Court, Tower of London, V&A, Ashridge Business School, on site at the BBC, the NHS Norfolk and abroad in France, Sweden, Turkey and Germany.

My teaching experience developed at Ashridge Business School fifteen years ago and recently educating A Level photography students at a school, as well as with MelenCourses.

For me, I feel pictures should communicate emotions and narratives to their viewer. 

As with most photographers my love of photography started early with my father, a keen amateur photographer, watching him really inspired me as well as teaching me most of the basics. As a child it was amazing to see the photographs emerge from the murky depths of the developing solution in his dark room (our bathroom) and produce a photograph.  It is a magical metamorphosis as your image slowly transmogrifies on the paper. Working with film certainly does not make you a better photographer, it just offers a different experience to learning photography compared to learning with digital.  No matter how it is produced, an image is still an image.
Phil Richardson

Although i regard myself as self taught, some characteristics of my work take influences from many photographers who are both well known and unfamiliar.  There are even some aspects taken from the 18 months of a degree course i attended at the University of Westminster, especially lighting and enthusiasm from Andy Golding.

Observational and emotive photography fascinates me, especially the people.  I like to be able to relate them, so that others can relate them and have their own connection to my image.

I have been a professional photographer for over 10 years now and professional videographer for over 15 years working mainly in the corporate sector. 

Since 2007 i have been training photographers to improve their photography skills and some to become professional.  MelenCourses has taken off really well and we are running over 20 courses a year here at MelenStudiosAshridge Business School, the National Trust Ashridge Estate.   With over 30 courses a year suitable for new learners, GCSE and A Level students plus those looking to work in photography we will have a course suitable for you.
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